What to do on a bad weather day?

Rainy weather doesn't necessarily mean you have to stay at home.

Of course, hiking in good weather is priceless, but hiking in the rain also has its charms

and is a welcome invitation to get to know nature from a different side -

and above all: to enjoy the solitude that prevails then.

However, to enjoy the rain outdoors and avoid being soaked to the bone, you need good equipment, of course. This includes sturdy, waterproof shoes, a change of clothes, a rain jacket, rainproof overtrousers

and a rain cover for your rucksack. 

Caution: Rubber boots should be avoided, as they do not provide good support 
and are therefore not the best footwear for hiking!
As a general rule, you have no business being around or on the mountain during a thunderstorm.

The best way to find out whether there is a threat of thunderstorms in the event of rain is to check the current weather forecast. If you are surprised by a thunderstorm despite the forecast, you should find dry ground as quickly as possible. For this reason, it is generally advisable to hike in or around villages at lower altitudes

and not to hike to the summits. Even if it is "only" raining - and not thunderstorming -

you have lost nothing in alpine terrain, as a wet slippery surface considerably increases the risk of falling.

If you are surprised by a thunderstorm, you should never use an umbrella.

The metal end on the umbrella is dangerous because of a lightning strike!

Here are some tips on what else to do in bad weather: