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The Nocker family


Together with my uncle Konrad, I, Susi, rent out the Nock Apartment as a holiday residence in the beautiful mountain village of Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente.
But why the name Nock Apartment?
Even my grandma and Konrad's mother Maria was an enthusiastic host on the Obernock farm, called Nock for short, in Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente. Grandma used to set up the farm holidays there and give the guests an unforgettable holiday. In addition, the Obernock Hof was a well-known restaurant, where many of the guests had their palate spoiled by grandma's traditional cuisine. Only grandma could prepare the roast potato so deliciously that the mouth watered at the sight of it. Sadly, our Nock Grandma passed away in August 2018 and so the farm holidays at the Obernock farm came to an end.
We would now like to continue grandma's tradition in the Nock Apartment and of course also her credo: the guests should feel at home [dialect: drham] with us!
Another tip: be sure to make a trip to Gasthof Schneiderwiesen.
Martha wields the spoon in the kitchen there. Martha is Konrad's sister and my aunt. Her cheese dumplings are simply the best!

Nock Apartment - feeling drham

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