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At the Nock Apartment we want to strengthen your sense of environmental awareness and sensitise you to a respectful and mindful treatment of nature.



refreshing and healthy

Did you know that our tap water is edible drinking water of high quality?
No, then cheers! Cheers to our tap water!

That's why we would like to encourage our guests at the Nock Apartment not to buy plastic water bottles, but to simply refill their own water bottle at the tap or the countless fountains in the area. This saves time and unnecessary carrying of the many plastic bottles.

South Tyrol has excellent drinking water thanks to its geographical location and the properties of the subsoil. This fact guarantees the natural origin of the water. Its freshness is preserved because it only travels a few kilometres in the shortest time from the source to the tap.

Enjoy the fresh Dolomite spring water! Even on the way, you can always refill your water bottle at the many fountains and drinking water points and thus make your contribution to our environment at the same time!


positive and calming

Did you know that the ingredients of Swiss stone pine reduce the heart rate during sleep by up to 3,500 beats?

In short: Swiss stone pine takes an hour's work off our heart each night. How good that in the Nock bedroom there is a little treasure in our wooden chest, namely Swiss stone pine shavings! Swiss stone pine is the queen of the Alps with a warm, aromatic and forest-like scent. Swiss stone pine generally gives us a better sense of well-being. It reduces sensitivity to the weather, harmonises and stabilises the circulation and makes us feel refreshed and rested. The use of wood as a natural raw material influences the room climate through its properties and immediately creates a cosy atmosphere. Swiss stone pine has a positive effect on the human organism, health and well-being. Swiss stone pine has a calming effect and ensures a more restful and healthier sleep!

In addition, a scented bag made of Swiss stone pine chips in the wardrobe protects against the common clothes moth.

Swiss stone pine is a local wood from the region. This means that the transport routes are short and the use of Swiss stone pine wood is therefore particularly sustainable!

Regentropfen auf Fenster


conscious and mindful

We would like to see a conscious and respectful use of this precious commodity, which is why water should not be wasted unnecessarily. We therefore ask for mindful and economical water consumption, especially when showering.


sustainable and environmentally friendly

We attach great importance to waste separation at the Nock Apartment. Waste separation is important to make a valuable contribution to environmental protection. Therefore we ask you to separate residual waste, organic waste, glass, cans, plastic and paper during your stay at the Nock Apartment.


Further information on sustainable holidays in the Eggental valley can be found here.

Umweltbewusst im Nock: Ausstattung
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