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The five senses of autumn in the Val d’Ega

Updated: May 11, 2023

Now is the time of year when the Val d’Ega is getting quieter, more colourful and the scent of pure nature is more intense: you can taste and feel it more. It is autumn in the Val d’Ega. And it can be experienced with every single one of your senses! Here are our top five tips for this often underrated season!

#1 SEE the “Valley of Colours”

Autumn here in the Val d’Ega is also much more colourful than its seasonal siblings: the views are clearer and the colours more striking. The Latemar and Catinaccio massifs are enthroned by the autumnal play of light and shadow. The mountains become even rougher and wilder, as can be felt along the tour around the Rosengarten or the magnificent views provided by the Latemar UNESCO themed trail. Or would you like to take a photo of the famous bronze eagle of the Christomannos monument in a breathtaking autumn setting? Then the family walk from the Paolina Hut to the Roda di Vael Hut is just right for you! :) It doesn’t matter which trails you take in this season: you can touch the luminous Catinaccio massif as the towers of the Latemar glow with an autumnal gold in the distance, or of course vice versa – these are impressions that go via the eye and straight to the heart!

The many hues of Lake Carezza

And, talking of colours, nowhere are the intense hues of autumn louder than at Lake Carezza! The hikes around the “Rainbow Lake” are now much more colourful and powerful, more magical and romantic – for example the hike from Obereggen via the Templweg trail to Lake Carezza!

And, best of all, you can find innumerable paths and places to enjoy the visual spectacle offered by the UNESCO World Heritage Site all by yourself – the large tourist crowds of summer are no more and the ski season is yet to begin. ;) What’s more, the lift facilities are open until the middle or sometimes even the end of October. You can also enjoy the exclusive benefits of the Mountain Pass until 5th November!

#2 SMELL the Carezza Biketrail

Drops, tables, jumps, bridges, steep curves, northshores and lots of “autumn scents”! :) The air in the coming weeks will smell cleaner, somehow purer. Downhill thrills are mixed with the tangy odour of conifers and the mossy scent of fresh autumn earth. This all awakens fleet autumn emotions because, as we know, adrenalin sharpens the senses. :) Even in autumn the cable car will take you up from Nova Levante to the Frommer Alm, from where you can start the bike adventure: a 4.4-km long Bike Trail, 4.4 km packed with fun, action and of course the wonderful smells of the forest! Even better, bike action in the Val d’Ega is guaranteed until 5th November! ;)

#3 TASTE the Forest and Game Weeks

Taste is the keenest of all our senses. And the culinary speciality weeks in the Val d’Ega are sure to appeal to every taste! A total of twelve restaurants will be conjuring up game dishes with autumnal fruits, herbs, berries and mushrooms to delight the palate! :) But there’s more: the Forest and Game Weeks are about much more than the culinary arts – they offer a whole “package” of forest, water, game and wood, with the Val d’Ega providing an especially interesting framework programme!

#4 FEEL the bee nature trail in Steinegg

Take a trip to the world of bees and feel your way into an often forgotten form of wildlife: August 2019 saw the opening in Obergummer of an educational apiary as well as a nature trail with a total of six knowledge points. Forest expert and teacher Georg Kirchmaier shows the importance and special habitats of the busy little bee and its influence on the surrounding flora and fauna. Just as fascinating is the educational apiary with its five different bee colonies. If you too would like to feel your way into the world of bees, Georg will be accompanying interested groups on guided tours through the “bee forest” from 10 a.m. every Tuesday until the end of November.

#5 HEAR and there!

The Val d’Ega has a host of “must do’s” to choose from, especially now in autumn when things are a little quieter. To gradually work your way through the list, you first need suitable accommodation; second, sufficient time; and third the appropriate means of getting from one “absolute-must-see” place to the next. So have you heard about our “Dolomites Gentle Mobility Experience”? No? Then listen closely! ;) You can tailor your mountain memories to your very own personal taste! Book a relaxing holiday week in the Val d’Ega and you can use the 17 lifts to the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs as well as public transport, all free of charge. To find out more about these Dolomite treats, click here! :)

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